Pioneer Book is a Bigoted company

The frustration caused by bigoted companies is rampant in Utah Valley. However, one may be surprised but the number of companies that are LGBT friendly. I will address those in due time. This post is about a company that pushed their bigotry and hypocrisy a little too far.

For those of you that do not know much about Utah Valley, in the south end there is a town called Provo. This town is home to Utah’s (3 years running) Provo Pride! This year a little drama happened.

First let me back step a moment to tell you about where this all started.

I am a published author in Peculiar, Utah’s only queer literary Journal.

Peculiar Launch Party
During the first release, there was a reading and launch party held at a little store in Provo named: Pioneer Book. It was a fantastic night. We were greeted with respect and welcome.

Poster for the Peculiar Launch Party

The poster for the launch party was posted in the window of the store.

We believed that this would be the start of a fantastic relationship with Pioneer Book… Until Provo Pride 2015 rolled around.

Photo of pride flags in front of Pioneer book
The pride coordinator was setting up pride flags on city property when the owner of the book store came out.

Here I will pause for just a moment. Pioneer Book considers itself an LDS friendly bookstore. Next door to the book store is a bar (City Limits) which has been there for much longer than the book store. City Limits hosts a weekly drag night on Friday nights. Up until Pride, there were no problems between the two.

Now I will continue.  “The owner came out and said we couldn’t put our flags in front of his store. I said, ‘Oh! You don’t support Provo Pride?!’ he said ‘no.’ He said ‘It’s corporate rules.’ But there is only ONE Pioneer Book.” said Tosh Metzger.

Now, while this isn’t appropriate behavior for a business, our community would have left it alone if not for one fact. Pioneer Book had hosted Peculiar. AND they still had the sign up in their window.

Two people showing the peculiar poster in the window of Pioneer Book

More than a little irritated, and being the flamboyant group we are… We decided to protest in our own way. Showing our PRIDE in front of their store.

Photo of group showing gay pride in front of Pioneer Book
Those that were comfortable having their picture taken joined the group in front of the store and showed them just how much we appreciate their bigotry.  What is wrong with showing a little love?

Photo of group showing gay pride in front of Pioneer Book

During the break, Big Springs Photography took photos of the group who posed in silliness and protest.
Photo of group showing gay pride in front of Pioneer Book
Now, many in the church would have expected something a little more “Violent” from a crowd of “GAYS.” However, we are a very loving and non-violent group of people. (Though there are a few violent ones in any group.) Instead, we chose to protest with fun and peace.

Man pretending to lick poster in window of pioneer book
When some of our group realized just how hypocritical the store was, they decided to pose with the poster for the LGBTQA Journal that was STILL in their window!
Man saluting a pride flag
A man of the cloth even removed his religious clothing so that he could be a part of the protest; showing both his support of the LGBTQA community and his pride as a member of our armed forces.

Number 2
Saluting the Gay pride flag.
Swapped salute

Pioneer book still had the poster up last time I checked.
A kiss against bigotry
So showing our love in various ways, we send this message to Pioneer book.

You are allowed to have your opinions and your views. You do not have to show us support inside your store, nor do you have to participate in pride. However, you are NOT allowed to refuse a peaceful display of our pride on public property, nor are you allowed to pretend that you are open-minded and accepting by hosting a queer reading.

You are not accepting, and we see you. We will not do anything to hurt you or your store. But if you continue to lash out at our community… We will continue our peaceful-prideful-and loving protest of taking photos in front of your store and posting them all over the internet.

Happy tidings.


If you would like to contact Pioneer book:
Phone Number:
450 West Center
Provo, Utah 84601

If you would like to purchase a copy of Peculiar: Click HERE


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