#14 I shave for me.

I had a—I’ll call it a disagreement—with someone the other day about the reasons that people shave. They had posted an image that stated “She says ‘I never thought I’d do this’ but when you see her shaved, you know she planned this all along.” (Or some similar garbage). I commented that I only shave for myself. Their comment was something along the lines of “you must never have been in a relationship ever.”

What the hell?

So here goes, my shaving story.

I didn’t really know how to shave until I was 12 and a half. My parents had gotten a divorce, my custodial father didn’t really care that I wasn’t, and my mother couldn’t convince me to do it while I lived with my dad. And then I moved in with my mom. She taught me that shaving helped me smell better (underarms) and I couldn’t swim if I didn’t shave my armpits and legs. I was young, and it was a hassle.

But then, the hair was itchy when it came back. From then on, I could not stand the feeling of hair. I cannot have hair on my underarms, it causes rashes and is massively itchy.  I like feeling clean and I don’t have to use so much deodorant. Some days I don’t need deodorant at all.

My legs are a little different; sometimes I will go without shaving, if I don’t have the energy. But I WILL wear pants. I cannot stand the hair rubbing on my legs. If the hair on one leg scrapes up against my other leg, it is like nails on a chalk board.

I don’t like hair. So you can guess the rest. And NO it’s not because I have never been with anyone. I have had relationships. I was in a three year relationship and was even married for a while. She liked hair. But I still shaved.

I do not shave for anyone but myself. I shave for ME. I also will not STOP shaving for anyone. It is what makes ME comfortable. I don’t care what people think my hair or lack thereof. I might be sad if I ever lose my head-hair, but I don’t think I will worry what people will think about me for it.

Also, little secret: I shave my Hobbit toes too. (Just my toes, not the top of my feet; I wonder where all that hair came from.)

Have a great day doing whatever. I don’t care what you think of my hair. It’s my business.

The Resident Femme


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